PIN Pharma, Inc.


Colin Bier, PhD

President, CEO

Managing & Scientific Director, ABA BioResearch; Fifteen years of experience in CRO (pharmacology and toxicology); twenty years bioregulatory consulting; Faculty of Medicine, McGill University; Board member, Mount Sinai Hospital Corporation; Special Advisor, Centre for Translational Research in Cancer R&D, Jewish General Hospital (McGill University); Senior advisor at NGN Capital. Several board seats, public & private and Scientific Advisory Boards.

Mark Smith, CLP

Corporate Secretary, Chief Business Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Business Development

President, Global Pharma Solutions, LLC. Fifteen years in Asahi Kasei Pharma business development group; former board member and managing director of Artisan Pharma. Vice President of Business Development and General Administration for Asahi Kasei Pharma America.